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7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally!

7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally

Termites are among common problems in today’s houses as people love having wooden flooring, wooden furniture, and wooden art pieces made of precious wood. Still, hearts break down when termites stick to them, so here’s the solution.

Although they are not harmful to human beings as they don’t cause any harm directly to us to our beloved things, they can cause cataclysmic damage. They are hard to get rid of, unlike other pests like gnats or getting rid of ants. But here are some implied ways of Eliminate termites (กำจัด ปลวก, which is a term in Thai).

What Are The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Termites?

Let’s start with the most practical and effective methods of getting rid of them naturally:

·       Boric Acid

Boric acids work great when getting rid of termites naturally, as they dehydrate them and shut down their nervous systems. Just pray or sprinkle the powder on affected areas regularly. But you have to take some precautions, like wearing masks and gloves. It does not kill them completely but just stops their growth.

·       Cardboard Traps

It is also an effective method, but not for people who dislike insects. All you have to do is place cardboard near the affected area and just wait for it to fill and then burn it, or you can pair it with poison or boric acid.

·       Natural Nematodes

S.Carpocapsae is a common predator for flea larvae, termites, ants, and caterpillar larvae in gardens and under trees. Add them to water and then pour or spray in the nest. Do this regularly, and you are done.

·       Diatomaceous Earth

It is made of a fossilized aquatic organism whose exoskeletons are made of silica, which makes it razor sharp. It has dehydrating properties that penetrate through their exoskeleton and makes them dehydrated.

·       Vinegar

Take equal amounts of vinegar and water, squeeze two lemons into it, shake it, and spray it on the affected areas regularly. You will see results after some time.

·       Neem Oil

As we all know, it is known to be the best medicine for everything in our Ayurveda. So when you spray neem oil on the targeted area, it affects the insect’s hormonal system causing the termites to forget about eating and mating, which will stop their further growth.

·       Fungus

Metarhizium is a common natural predator found in the backyard and garden for over 100 years. As it is a natural predator of termites, it kills them naturally and is the most effective way for scientists to eliminate them.


So here are some ways to save your beloved home and furniture from these devastating pests. They may not affect you, but your home is sure, so try all these effective and implemented methods to save your home from these pests. All the things used in these methods are found common in houses.