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A comprehensive guide on Tuckpointing


You may probably desire to upgrade the overall appearance of your exterior or interior brick structure. In such a case, you need to contact the Tuckpointing Sydney experts for proper installation.

Where is tuckpointing required?

Bricks offer exterior and interior walls, fireplace and chimneys with durable cladding. With time, mortar that is used for filling the joints tends to deteriorate although the bricks might be still in good condition. It is here that Tuckpointing Sydney professionals can perform tuckpointing. It improves masonry appearance cosmetically.

It involves elimination of part of deteriorated mortar. New mortar is used to fill the joints after which there is applied putty in thin line of contrasting color. This is done right to the joint center to create an illusion of narrow, well-maintained joints. Any brick construction can be applied with tuckpointing, commonly in historical brick homes. It allows owners to recapture the original thin joints of the home. It protects your worn out bricks from further mortar deterioration, thereby providing them with a sharp look.

Know the mortar lingo

You can get to know some masonry terms from the Tuckpointing Sydney professionals.

  • Repointing: It is the process to eliminate old mortar from the joints. In its place is applied new mortar.
  • Pointing: It is the process to fill mortar joints while carrying out new construction. It also refers to spaces between bricks or actual mortar joints within the finished wall.
  • Tuckpointing: It is the process to eliminate old mortar from the joints. Fresh mortar is used to replace the old one. Care is taken to ensure it matches closely the brick color. Then putty is embedded carefully in narrow lines, but with contrasting colors referred to as ‘fillets’ right down the new mortar joint center.

Repointing & Tuckpointing

Although they are used often synonymously, final products derived are aesthetically different. They tend to remove as well as replace the deteriorating mortar using fresh mortar. However, the additional step involving application of contrasting lines within the joint center is not carried out in repointing.

Tuckpointing is preferred by many homeowners since it helps develop much crisper visual illusion. The mortar used tends to match the brick color. No one is likely to notice the difference until examining the wall closely. Moreover, the fillets used create a visual of the mortar joints being just perfectly straight lines. The entire wall tends to appear like it is constructed using crisp new masonry.

Discussing with the Tuckpointing Sydney company will allow you to get a better idea.