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IPE Wood Decking: Get to know its benefits


It could be you are planning to lay a new deck in your home. IPE wood decking can be a wonderful option. This type of decking according to Liverpool decking experts can withstand time. There are many who do not consider replacing it for a very long time as it is durable and trendy.

5 benefits offered by IPE wood decking

  • Insect resistant: This type of decking is insect resistant. Such type of trees grows in areas filled with different types of insect. Hence, the tree fibers become resistant towards various types of insects. Hence, you do not have to invest your time or money to insect proof your deck, thus saving ample money. You can get more information from the Liverpool decking
  • Rot resistant: This wood is available in rainforest regions. Hence, they contain in them dense fibers and natural oils. It is for this reason, they are resistant towards molds and fungi. Home owners constructing decks generally face problems like wood rot. Such issues are likely to cost you a fortune as you have to undertake expensive wood replacement. But IPE wood deck can last for a long time without suffering any problem.
  • Stylish & Sturdy: When investing in wood to undertake home projects, Liverpool decking suggest considering function over fashion. However, with IPE wood it is quite different. It is durable and also beautiful looking. This means, you can derive both the aspects in the same wood. Moreover, it offers smooth and uniform texture having fine grains.
  • Heat dispersion: IPE wood, unlike composite or plastic tends to disperse heat to maintain deck temperature. It provides low heat retention rates. Thus, wood disperses easily the sun’s heat effectively. Liverpool decking suggest constructing the decking a manner to leave some space between the deck and the ground. This boosts heat dispersion as well as makes the deck cool even during harsh summers.
  • Fire resistant: It is another significant benefit that cannot be ignored. Depending on the region you reside, your home could probably risk potential fire. Constructing deck on the property is likely to only increase the risks manifolds. Hence, you are to select a material which helps reduce fire breakouts. IPE wood is fire resistant and hence completely safe to be used for your deck.

Consulting the well-established Liverpool decking professionals can help you derive the best available solution without exceeding your budget.