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Six Ideas to Consider When Installing Kitchen Countertops


Picking the right material for your kitchen countertops can be daunting. You need to pick the best material with good quality and reasonable costs. There are different kinds of countertops to pick from including granite, marble, quartz, solid surface, and more. Whatever material you choose, you should get the best-quality Cuisines Rosemere comptoir cuisine.

The installation of your kitchen countertops can be your kitchen remodelling’s focal point. This is possible if you have picked the best design to fit the area. Also, you must take into account the design of your kitchen sink countertops for this purpose. Keep reading to know some countertop ideas:

Contrasting Colours

You can choose to install your kitchen countertops with a dark or light colour tone to contrast the kitchen area and other appliances and fixtures around. Or you can also choose vibrantly coloured countertops such as lime green, orange, or yellow. Some homeowners opt for the timeless choice of black and white colour combo. You can choose black granite or white quartz if this is your colour option. 

Distinct Patterns

Kitchen countertops with distinct patterns can work with minimalist kitchen design. When your kitchen countertop has a unique pattern and colours, it will become a focal area of the kitchen that has a minimalist design.

Thicker Slabs

Thicker slabs with a thickness of 2” to 5” are ideal for modern kitchens. This creates a beautiful look for your countertops that make it a great centre of attraction in your kitchen. Just adjust the heights of the kitchen cabinet to complement the thicker slab. 

Wrapped Countertops

Many owners of modern kitchens and homes opt for wrapped countertops that tend to go well when the countertop colour has good contrast with other fixtures and appliances. If this is your choice, you must wrap the sides of the kitchen cabinets and top kitchen walls with similar material and colour to the countertop. 

Two Tones

A two-tone countertop offers a visual distinction for the kitchen’s cold and hot area. It lets you pick two kinds of countertops for your kitchen remodel. 

Naturally Curved

A curved and organic-looking kitchen countertop pairs well with an island countertop that have 3-4 seats on the counter, striking a communal look. Also, you can opt for a rustic brown or black countertop for this design if you have wooden kitchen cabinets and furniture. This color combination also blends well with stainless steel appliance surfaces.