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6 Clever Ways Residents Are Getting More From Their Gardens


Over the past few years, the housing market has been affected by a number of trends. These have largely been related to cultural shifts, such as the widespread move toward an increasingly remote workforce or the preference for more rural homes that are closer to nature. One notable effect is the value now placed on garden spaces, which is even larger than it was previously. This value is so significant, in fact, that many estimates now believe a garden can add over 20% of value to a property.

This increase in value, however, leads to a great need for utility, as buyers want to see the greatest return on their investment. If more money is to be paid for a garden, it makes sense that it should be as useful a space as possible.

Here are six clever ways in which residents are solving this problem and getting more use out of their garden spaces.

Reduce Your Bills

There is a crossover between those who want to create a greener, more environmentally friendly living space, and those who want to save money on utility bills. A home that is energy efficient supports both pursuits.

Households with garden spaces have a great advantage within their accessibility to nature, being able to host assets that significantly reduce a residence’s carbon footprint. Water collection units, for example, save rainfall for use at a later date, eliminating the need for hose pipes almost entirely. Compact solar panels can also be mounted in the garden, offering a modest amount of charge for outbuildings and tools.

Get Creative

A number of residents are using their outdoor space to support their hobbies and creative interests, especially if a certain pursuit requires more space than can be found inside. The rise of pottery, especially in the wake of the Great Pottery Throw Down, is leading more to establish pottery wheels and creative spaces in their gardens.

Build An Office

Remote working or, as it often becomes, working from home can place a significant pressure on a household, with the division between professional and personal spaces not always being easy to accomplish. Outbuildings, such as garden log cabins and summer houses, are ideal spaces for home offices, giving remote professionals both the space and separation their work requires.

Dine Outdoors

If your garden space is a welcoming and beautiful natural area, then you may find yourself wanting to dine outdoors, hosting friends and family too. Dining furniture is a great place to start but those who want to spend more time outdoors should also consider windbreaks and heat lamps too!

Extend Your Living Space

One of the most assured ways to get even more value from your garden is to sacrifice the outdoor space for an extension of indoor space. While this is a costly investment, there is the potential for significant return, promising residents are happy to exchange part of their natural outdoor space.

Harvest Your Ingredients

There is a new and popular rise of residents using garden spaces as allotments, growing their own vegetables, even keeping chickens and bees for their produce. If you feel more at home in rural life and love the idea of self-sustainability, this might be the garden design for you.