Home Flooring Debunking common misconceptions about ceramic tiles!

Debunking common misconceptions about ceramic tiles!


Whether you are looking for the perfect kitchen backsplash, or want to find a better alternative to wooden panel flooring, ceramic tiles just fit in. Interior designers & experts often recommend ceramic tiles for diverse needs of commercial and residential projects, although many people have their reservations. Below, we have shared a few common misconceptions about ceramic tiles. 

Misconception 1 – Ceramic tiles are boring!

Check with one of the known suppliers, such as Ceramique au Sommet Montreal, and you will realize that tiles can have diverse applications in a contemporary home. Today, you can find ceramic tiles that can resemble any look you want – concrete floors, wooden panels, and even natural stones like granite and marble. This is the precise reason why ceramic tiles are preferred for kitchens and bathrooms, because these are nonporous, resistant to moisture, and can be better alternatives to natural stones. 

Misconception 2 – Ceramic tiles are expensive!

Another misconception that must be done away with. While some ceramic tiles can be expensive for sure, but compared to some of the other flooring and wall décor options, this is still a better investment. Keep in mind that ceramic tiles are extremely durable, and even with decent installation, you can expect the tiles to last for decades without any need for maintenance or replacement. In other words, even if you are paying a tad more, that price is totally worth it. 

Misconception 3 – It is not possible to have warm indoor temperatures with ceramic tiles!

In all fairness, there is no denying that ceramic tiles can be cold. However, you can go for heated floors, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to low temperatures. The good news is tiles are great conducting heat, so the room or flooring will remain warm for a very long time. 

Misconception 4 – Ceramic tiles can break apart

For the unversed, ceramic tiles are made at high temperatures in a clay oven, using materials like clay and minerals. The resultant tiles are always durable and extremely strong. This is why ceramic tiles are often recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, even though these areas are pretty prone to foot traffic. Even if one of the tiles breaks or chips, you just need to replace that one tile, and not the entire flooring. 

Just make sure that you order your ceramic tiles from a vendor that you can trust, and do check samples in their showroom.