Do You Need Council Approval To Remove Trees In Melbourne?



    When it comes to tree removal oahu hi on your private property in Melbourne, it’s wise to assume that you’ll require your local council’s approval. Different panels have different tree preservation regulations and standards. Despite this diversity, most localities in Melbourne require people to apply for a permit before performing major tree work. These restrictions have limited exceptions, and tree removal without permission can result in hefty penalties and legal action. As a result, before you start any substantial tree work, make sure you understand the local council’s tree removal rules that apply to your property and figure out tree removal methods at Same Day Tree Works.


    If you have a valid (and authorised) cause, getting council authority to remove a tree from your property may be a relatively simple procedure. Local authorities, on the other hand, are more likely to allow petitions to remove trees that are fallen, dead, hazardous, or the ones that represent a fire threat. Trees that are within 3 meters of your house or pool, trees that are less than 3 meters, and trees that obstruct the installation of a boundary fence will all be permitted for removal by the council.

    On the other hand, there are some typical reasons that city governments would not consider as adequate grounds for tree removal. Aesthetic considerations, such as blocking a view or causing leaves to fall, are nearly often denied outright. Applications to remove trees from protected tree lists are also being considered. This comprises trees that have been designated as “significant” due to their location, size, age, species, or lastly, cultural value.


    1.  See if you require a permit to do the tree work you want on your property. To do so, go to our local council rules guides, which will lead you through all you need to know about applying for tree works authorisation from your council. Do inform us if your area isn’t included in our guidelines so that we can enhance our service and walk you through the process. You may contact us via our Same Day Tree Works website or on 0434 527 141.  Alternatively, you may visit your local council’s website to learn about all the rules and regulations that apply to the trees at your house or business.
    2. Gather all of the information that your council requires. The information required can vary but can be obtained on the council’s website. Most guidelines will ask you to answer questions regarding the tree’s size, location, condition, tree species, and fire zones, as well as identify any applicable limitations, such as vegetation overlays or the significant tree register. Most tree removal applications will also require a Pro Arborist Report, which will help validate the correctness of the material and give a more in-depth examination of the tree and proposed tree operations.
    3. Send your completed form, together with the Pro Arborist Report and the processing money, to the address provided. The wait times for these applications range from a few days to a few weeks. As a result, wait until you have obtained confirmation from the council before scheduling any tree repair.
    4. After you have obtained consent from your city council, step 4 is to schedule tree work for your property. For this, you shall connect to us and get your yard, garden, road blockage or anything hazardous fixed in less time.