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How a Commercial Interior Design Firm in Singapore Helped My Office


When I was first assigned to oversee our office move, I was initially quite worried. After all, it’s a heavy responsibility; if I make a mistake, it could heavily jeopardise our business. Without an office, where would we work? But luckily, I made the right decision in finding and hiring the best commercial interior design firm in Singapore to help us out from start to finish. Here’s how I managed to relocate our office successfully.

Office Reinstatement

The first thing I had to do was to look for office reinstatement services for our old office. We need to ensure that it is back to its original state so that the next company that uses the space has a blank slate to start with for their renovations. While looking for a reinstatement company to hire for this process, I stumbled across an interior design firm that offered all of the services I needed for the move.

Initially, I thought it was too good to be true, but their portfolio was beautiful, and their testimonials sang high praises. I decided to take the chance and contacted them for office reinstatement services and the other services I required for the rest of the move. Once we ironed out all the details, I was happy to see they made such swift work of it, and the old office was entirely back in its original state in no time.

Design and Build Services

After that, we moved onto the new office area, also a blank slate, and started planning the office design for our office in Singapore. In particular, I appreciated the care and attention to detail they had with the site, as they had brought up things such as ergonomics, safety precautions, functionality, and more. But we also created a beautiful draft that perfectly matches our company’s brand identity.

The team’s design and build project in Singapore focused on wide open spaces to increase productivity and safety. This way, none of the employees will feel stifled or trapped, and they will have more room for creativity. We also wanted more natural light, so we included several large windows in the area to let it all in.

Commercial Interior Design

Finally, when my employees and I saw the final interior design for our office, we were in awe. We were a beauty brand, so we wanted a colourful and lively place that sent a message to future business partners and job applicants. Ultimately, our office interior design perfectly matched our brand logo, website, and store with our theme colours, pink and yellow, and overall feels like the perfect place to stimulate our creativity and productivity. I am blessed to have found such a flexible and talented commercial interior design firm.

Do you need to relocate your office, or does it just need a new commercial interior design in Singapore? Whatever your office needs, ID Inc has you covered. From interior design to office renovations, ID Inc guarantees the satisfaction of you and your coworkers. View their portfolio and testimonials by visiting their website today.

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