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How Did That Air Cooler Get So Cold?


High temperatures are never a pleasant experience for anyone. They come with several health risks that you can avoid using a cooling system. When the temperature begins to rise, one cost-effective option you can explore is portable evaporative air conditioners. There are many benefits that these air coolers pose to use, and they’re usually cost-effective. Their popularity has been rising, but many people still don’t understand how air coolers work. If you want more information about how it works and how to improve the cooling method, keep scrolling.

How an Air Cooler Works

An air cooler is one of many portable evaporative air conditioners that operates using the evaporation process. One similar example of how the air cooler works is when you sweat. When your sweat begins to evaporate, it removes extra heat in the process from the skin, causing a cooling effect. This method is quite similar to what the air cooler does in your home. Portable evaporative air conditioners draw warm air from outdoors and pass it through wet cooling pads. These pads extract the heat from the hot air. As the water from the pads evaporates, it leaves behind cool air that the fan blows into the room. Sometimes, air coolers come with a tray to add cubes to cool the air further and speedily. Air coolers are a great option because it doesn’t circulate the same air repeatedly in a row. You can even leave the windows and door open if you want to ensure circulation of fresh air.

How to Aid Effective Cooling Using an Air Cooler

There are varying vital steps you can take to ensure that the evaporative process takes place and cool your home further. Below are some of them to help you along

Always Ensure Proper Ventilation

If you want your portable evaporative air conditioners to work efficiently, ensure proper ventilation. These cooling systems do not operate well in closed spaces because they work through the evaporation process. You can place the air cooler close to a winder to ensure faster evaporation. Also, open windows in your room but not too wide.

Include Ice in Your Water

Some air coolers come with ice trays for you to further the cooling process. However, you can still add ice to the tank in the absence of an ice tray. When you add ice to the water, it makes the pad cooler, which causes the air to be cooler during the evaporation process. However, always ensure you don’t add too much ice as it can also slow down the evaporation process.

Proper Maintenance is Vital

Before you start using it every summer, ensure you get the ice cooler checked. Over time, the cooling pads will accumulate dust and pollen from the outside air. You should also clean the cooling parts frequently. When you don’t clean it, it can reduce the air quality. Also, clean the fan blades and carry out servicing at least once a year.