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How to Keep a Clean House with Cats


All of us absolutely adore our little furry friends, in Australia alone, felines have become the second most popular pets. Since we want to protect our pets and make sure they have all the comfort and ease of living, we ought to keep them inside. Cats face plenty of obstacles and are dangerous when they spend too much time outside, especially in Australia, from heat waves to hazardous dog threats and diseases. But since we tend to keep cats inside, how to keep the house clean then? If you want to safe-keep your cat and make sure it leads a healthy and cozy lifestyle inside your home, here are some of the proven ways to keep your house clean with a cat.

Keep the litter box clean

Hopefully, you have sought your cat to use the little box, and now you need to keep it immaculate in order to have a clean house. Find the litter sand or granules your cat would prefer ad get used to otherwise it may scatter the leftover all around the littler box. Make sure you empty the litter box regularly and clean all the premises around it. Also, it would be practical and easy to clean the littler box if you keep it in the bathroom. Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floor around it on the daily basis.

Brush your cat

People who wish to rent their property in Melbourne, and opt for their rental to be pet friendly, must specify the importance of brushing their cat and keeping it healthy. By regularly brushing your cat, you would utterly minimize the hair and dander in your home, plus you would upscale the appearance and cleanliness of your home. Make sure you brush your cat at least once a week, and if it sheds too often, get a small, portable vacuum cleaner and pick up hair on the go. If nothing works, you can always call the end of lease cleaning specialists from Melbourne and let professionals thoroughly and meticulously clean your home so you could prepare it for rental.

Vacuum the premises regularly

Cats’ hair and dander can even be dangerous or deadly for some people, especially those who are allergic to cats. Very often we tend not to notice a cat’s hair at the first glance, but it’s there. People who have tile floors can try living without carpets or rugs, but anyhow you should vacuum your home regularly. Using a vacuum cleaner with high-allergen filters is possible to pick up all the fine cat hair that is embedded into the carpet or furniture. Try to vacuum every other day and/or collect hair with some special hair roller when you don’t have time for vacuuming.

Wash and mask nasty odors

Cat urine is probably one of the nastiest odors there is. Luckily, there is a solution to that. First, it’s of utmost importance to mop and clean the areas where you have noticed the cat’s urine and then mask it. Cats tend to return to the place they have urinated and they can easily pinpoint the smells. Try to use some effective odor-eliminating powder, wash and sprinkle the area in detail, then vacuum the leftovers. It is easy to clean the stain, but your goal should be to prevent your cat to do the mishap again. Also, place a nice air purifying machine or an aromatherapy diffuser in your home to alleviate nice smells.

Designate a special feeding area

In order to keep your house clean, you mustn’t or you should try to avoid feeding your cat in the kitchen. Cats jump and roam around the entire house, but if you were to feed everywhere it goes, you will have food, debris, and grease spots all over your home, making it harder to clean and maintain. For that matter, try to keep the food and water bowls either on the porch, terrace, or in the hallway, but preferably further from the kitchen, especially if you have children. This would reduce the water spills your cat makes and prevent the spread of bacteria inside.

By being popular pets, these fluffy and cute creatures would cuddle and roam around the house as if it were theirs. Follow the above-mentioned pieces of advice and keep your house clean with cats for everybody’s sake.

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