Moving To New York City? – Here Are 5 Great Neighborhoods To Live In Manhattan


    For many, moving to New York City is a rite of passage, whether personally, professionally, or both. However, relocating to the Big Apple can be quite overwhelming! Whereas Manhattan is only one of the 5 boroughs of NYC, this small island is what many people picture as New York. There are so many excellent places to live in this heart of NYC it may be hard to choose between them. If you are trying to decide between neighborhoods, use this guide to find the best Manhattan neighborhoods for you.

    1. Tribeca

    The best area to reside in Manhattan is Tribeca, but it is also the priciest. Tribeca provides an unrivaled blend of amenities, luxury living, and entertainment in a spectacular location away from Midtown’s hustle and bustle. 

    Tribeca has become popular for its spacious, repurposed industrial lofts, trendy restaurants, opulent stores, and upscale estates. The unique industrial nature of the district, along with its serene residential ambiance and central position, has made Tribeca’s real estate market one of the most sought-after not only in NYC, but also in the country.

    1. South of Houston Street (SoHo)

    SoHo has long been regarded as one of the most charming and desirable neighborhoods to find a home for sale in Manhattan. Having served as a manufacturing hub for over a century, this neighborhood is renowned globally for its distinctive cobblestone roads, industrial façades, and cast-iron buildings.

    These grand structures are now home to some of NYC’s most magnificent art galleries, trendy boutiques, and exquisite restaurants. The shopping scene in this district is truly unmatched, with many notable fashion brands and designers setting up shop on the scenic streets, earning SoHo the moniker “Manhattan’s Shopping Mall.”

    1. Upper East Side

    As one of NYC’s most iconic districts, the Upper East Side is well-known for its opulent real estate and top-notch schools. Over the years, numerous wealthy residents, and famous families, such as the Roosevelts, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts, have called this neighborhood home.

    This upscale neighborhood has everything at a high-end level. You will likely come across grand residential buildings, upscale department stores, vibrant restaurants, and high-end boutiques. Residents can enjoy a refreshing escape from the city with various fun activities at Central Park.

    1. Chelsea

    Located on the west side of Manhattan, Chelsea is well-known for its abundance of high-end art galleries and diverse nightlife and cultural scene. This sophistication is evident in the neighborhood’s architecture, blending historic brownstones and townhomes, with modern luxury apartment buildings and high-rise condos.

    Chelsea is popular, thanks to its prime location in the core of Manhattan, and its unique ability to combine typical NYC elegance with a more laid-back and subtle vibe. This neighborhood is also home to The High Line, and an elevated park in the western part of the community.

    1. Greenwich Village

    Located south of Chelsea, Greenwich Village is another great neighborhood to live in Manhattan. Renowned for its gorgeous brownstones, bustling entertainment scene, quaint cafes, tree-lined streets, and the legendary Washington Square Park, this neighborhood is NYC’s bohemian capital.

    Greenwich Village’s central location makes it easy to access the east and west sides of New York. It is also home to New York University, and a huge student population, giving it a hip and intellectual vibe.

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