Should I Replace My Current Deck or Add a Patio Cover?


    More and more of us have chosen to remain in our houses during the past two years. We made a list of the changes we intended to make to our properties to convert them into holiday homes while we were there. Installing a patio cover over your deck or patio is one way to make such an alteration, which would improve the amount of usable area on your property.

    What are other patio covers available for selection? What materials do they use in their work? In addition to providing answers to these questions, we will also highlight the several advantages of installing patio covers in this post. If you have access to more information, you will be able to move from doing research to buying patio covers in Boise, ID, more quickly.

    Numerous Designs

    You may choose the patio cover that best suits your needs from the various wide varieties that are offered. If you’re looking for a lot of shade, a full cover is the best course of action. Usually, they are composed of metal or wood. Because of the materials used, they may be rather heavy. A retractable patio canopy would be a nice addition to a small patio. These are frequently made of canvas or vinyl, and they may be folded up into a more compact shape when not in use. Last but not least, there are sun coverings you can buy to help keep your patio at a suitable temperature throughout the sweltering summer months. These are made of a substance that will reflect the sun’s rays away from your patio when it is exposed to them.

    Vinyl patio covers can be used either on their own or in combination with an existing structure. The vast majority of them are built with vinyl headers that are two by six inches and frame joists that are two by four inches. The ground, concrete, or wooden decks are all suitable post-installation locations. These patio coverings are sturdy enough to hold the weight of objects like porch swings or plants, so feel free to do so.

    Slats may be layered to create a patio cover of your choice. Compared to previous designs, this one has sharper lines and a more varied color scheme. Butte Fence sells patio covers in this specific style. It gives the place an up-to-date, modern feel. It is something you should thus absolutely learn more about.

    What Materials are Employed?

    There are a few factors you should think about before determining whether your patio cover will be constructed of fabric or wood. There are a number of things to take into account, including your budget, the home’s architectural style, and the local climate.

    Patio covers may be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. Utilizing plastic as an alternative is still a feasible choice. Because each material has a unique mix of benefits and drawbacks, it is crucial to select the one that best meets your requirements.

    Due to the natural and elegant appearance that wood has, wood patio covers are a popular choice. However, they might not be the greatest option for regions that are prone to particularly harsh weather conditions because of the higher amount of upkeep that is necessary compared to other materials.

    Aluminum patio covers are durable and need little maintenance. Although they could be more expensive than other commonly available options, they are a wonderful selection for both warm and cold locations.

    Vinyl is another material that is frequently used for covering patios since it can endure a broad range of unfavorable situations. If your patio covers are constructed of vinyl, which is a very durable material, they should endure for at least twenty years. Rust and the harmful effects of UV radiation cannot penetrate vinyl. It’s also crucial to remember that since this material can be precast in any color, you won’t have to paint it to make it match or look better with your home’s exterior. There is no need for you to do any more work as a result. You’ll be able to save time and effort with the aid of the information in this article. The versatility of vinyl contributes to its wide range of uses. You and your contractor may collaborate to make sure that the patio cover’s design and style complement the furniture and aesthetic of the rest of your property.

    The Advantages of Having a Patio Cover

    The most important and least well-known benefit of patio covers is that they lessen the amount of heat that the sun produces. They are your home and your first line of defense against the sun’s infrared radiation, which heats the air within the building when it is absorbed. They are those with the most exposure to the sun. It provides some level of protection from heat and UV radiation since it stops them before they reach your house. Your new patio cover offers protection from the sweltering heat while also shielding your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

    By putting up strong patio covers that keep out the sun’s heat, you may lessen the quantity of infrared light that enters your house. This may result in a reduction in your recurring cooling expenses. Due to the patio cover’s ability to produce shade, it is projected that the adjacent inside space will be cooler.

    Patio covers shield patios from UV rays, which can hurt the skin, in addition to infrared radiation. When exposed to UV radiation, common items might lose their color as a consequence of damage to their chemical linkages. The damaging impacts of the sun’s rays can significantly reduce the lifespan of your assets in areas with high UV indices. All of the furniture in your house that is near a deck or patio, as well as any and all of the furniture that is situated on your deck or patio, are included in this.

    Another benefit of doing so is that you will be able to utilize your patio area more regularly after having a patio cover installed on your house. A bigger living room may be used for longer periods of time despite the fact that it may be raining outside due to the additional space. It’s probable that at first, you won’t see the advantages of this. Consider every negative scenario that could arise. You may use the extra room in the living or dining areas when you have visitors around.

    Your patio cover needs to be properly constructed and positioned in order to stop it from blowing away or harming your house. Before making a final choice, speak with Butte Fence about your patio cover alternatives and the projected lifespan of the cover. Once you’ve determined that your patio cover is sturdy enough to sustain itself, you won’t need to worry about its stability.

    Installing a striking shade option in a visible location outside your home will also improve the appearance of your property. Your skin will benefit from this sun protection. The visual value of the exterior of your house is increased by patio coverings, which usually include unique design aspects. No matter how you feel about the way things appear, there is undoubtedly a choice that satisfies all of your needs.

    You should consider the possible rise in the value of your house when choosing a patio cover. It could be worthwhile to spend extra money on the update if you know it would provide you more room and speed up the selling process of your home.


    If you’re considering adding a patio cover to your deck or patio, visit You’ll be able to see how our products could enhance your home’s architectural style in this way. You may schedule a consultation with one of our industry experts with more than 25 years of expertise so they can assess your needs and develop an installation plan. Many of our items come with warranties because we want to make sure you can use and enjoy them the way they were intended. We can also help you with the specifications for your fencing.

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