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Some Interior Design Ideas for An HDB In Singaporeto Bring Out a Unique Ambiance


Urban style, chick models with a modern touch, heritage hints, etc., are a few of the many things that every house owner looks for in their house. The same goes for house owners in Singapore too. Housing Development Board, also known as HDB, is making it easier for such expectant house owners to fulfil all their dreams in their houses.

This venture works on handling all such housing development requirements in the underdeveloped areas so that every construction will be provided with all kinds of necessities for any family that wishes to reside there in the future years. You can visit their webpage to avail more information.

New Room Interior Design Ideas for A 4 Room HDB in Singapore

Here are some of the many ideas that will work in your favour when planning to proceed with the 4-room flat.

  • Home with the best decors

The 4-room HDB flats can be designed in such a way that they will fulfil all the requirements of everyone, including a self-respecting hipster. The main focus of these flats should be their brick walls, generous installation of warm wood, bicycle elements, and so on. The blend of the dark and light woods throughout the house including in the kitchen is an added advantage.

130B Lorong 1 Toa Payoh HDB Interior Design Project by AC Vision

  • Give Attention to the Specific Places in the House

When compared to the other flats with 2 or 3 rooms, the 4-room flat requires extra attention, while constructing and decoration. However, this doesn’t mean that you focus on spending all your money on unnecessary additions and installations, and instead, you can give importance to finding the right way of beautifying every place in the flat.

  • Practicality and Cohesiveness are the Main Focus

While choosing different pieces for decorating your 3 or 4-room flats, you need to focus on finding options that complement one another. The first thought here is to keep a theme or idea in mind such as a moody, dark, light and fresh, and so on, and work on finding the right blend that works with your target decoration idea.

  • Heritage is The Other Available Angle

Some love a touch of old-school ambiance in their flats. For such people, the idea of bringing a sense of heritage to the 3 or 4-room flat is the ideal option when it comes to decorating their indoor area in the flat. The best-suggested options here for flat decoration include open-design lighting, French doors that come with folding frames, kitchen panelling, and so on. The ideal colour codes to achieve the desired heritage sense in a 3 or 4-room flat are pale gray hues, mint hues, and so on.

  • Find What’s Necessary Instead of Cluttering the Space

Any 3 or 4-room HDB flat can be made to look more elegant with the help of the right kind of furniture and fixtures for all the rooms. However, some prefer filling every space with one or the other kind of furniture pieces to make their rooms look full. For some spaces, this idea may offer a positive ambiance, but for some spaces, this idea can offer the idea of overstuffing the furniture that is not required in any particular space.

  • Give the Required Amounts of Wooden Touch

Any space can be made to look like a page from a home décor magazine when it is filled with the right kind of elements in it. The same goes for adding any kind of wooden touch to any space too. Instead of focusing more on finding the right kind of furniture for any space, it is suggested to focus on finding the right amount of wooden touch to the area to make it look beautiful.

  • Addition of Glass Walls where Needed

The right kind of lighting system for any flat will make the space look more beautiful if it is accompanied by glass walls. Gray-washed walls or other such options will surely increase the aesthetic value of your home when installed in the right rooms in the right directions.

Many such ideas are available for you to make your 3 or 4-room HDB flat look more elegant. Find such options and go for the right blend that works for your preference.