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Some Things You Need To Consider When Making Your Custom Area Rug


Ultimate mats have a vast selection of quality carpeting. If you have trouble finding the perfect carpet to fit your space, our experts are available to assist you. Your carpet design, color, weave type, material, and size can all be chosen by you.

  1. Choose Your Unique Custom Rug Design

Though it isn’t always a fan of patterns used, if your furniture and walls are the same color, patterned rugs can add a touch of life to your room. A neutral rug can be a great choice for patterned furnishings. Be aware that your space is already well-furnished when you are looking for a rug.

One of our many custom area rug styles will help you find the perfect rug that matches your room’s color scheme, theme, or pattern. You can create a brand-new rug from scratch or match an existing design.

  1. Choose the Type of Weave

Rugs strive to have many characteristics, starting with the weave. The woven technique is the key to a high-quality carpet and long-lasting carpet. There are four kinds of knots that can be used to make your custom rug: 60, 80, 100, or 150.

The style and pattern you want to use for your carpet will decide the weave you need. Rugs with open design areas or significant design elements will require fewer knots. Rugs featuring intricate designs, however, will require more. The experts at Ultimate mats India can help you decide on the right knot weave.

There Are Several Types of Rug Weave Types

  • Hand-knotting
  • Hand-tufted
  • Flat weave
  • Braided
  1. Select Rug Colours

The right rug color can make a big difference in the appearance of your living rooms. Custom rugs make any room look bigger and more interesting. We can also help you create the exact color you desire if you are not able to find it. The Ultimate mats have the ability to transform a room’s appearance through weaving and blending yarns from different shades of the same color. This creates stippled or bridled effects in a carpet.

  1. Select Custom Rug Materials

Hand-woven rugs can use wool as their primary material or you can add mohair, silk, or hemp to make your carpet look more luxurious. You can alter the carpet pile height by changing the number of carpet tufts.

Most rugs come in cut-pile. That is when the yarn stitches are removed. These rugs are thick, soft, and very comfortable under the foot. Loop-pile Rugs are made from the remaining stitches of thread.

  1. Consider the Pile Height

The low-pile rug is durable due to its short length. High-pile Rugs tend to be shorter and fluffier. However, they are better suited for areas with high traffic.

Our design experts will help you to create the perfect custom rug according to your needs.

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