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The Dos And Don’ts Of Aircon Cleaning In Singapore


Aside from a rice cooker, washing machine, and refrigerator, the air conditioner is an essential appliance in every Lion City home. This powerful machine absorbs warm indoor air and cools it down before pumping it back into the room, allowing homeowners like you to be comfortable despite the city-state’s warm and humid climate. Thanks to aircon units, Singapore residents have also become less susceptible to experiencing heat exhaustion—which can lead to complications.

Owning an air conditioning unit comes with responsibilities. Learning to use this air-cooling appliance will let you avoid as many defects as possible. You should also create and follow a strict aircon cleaning schedule in your Singapore home to keep it functional for long periods. But why should you regularly clean your AC, and are there things you can and cannot do when maintaining it?

The Importance Of Aircon Cleaning

Aside from helping householders like you avoid issues and prolong their lifespan, aircon maintenance in Singapore is crucial for keeping your family safe from different health concerns. Along with warm air, dirty air conditioning units blow dust and grime, which can cause respiratory problems. It also keeps the AC from operating correctly, which can damage its numerous components that cool your bedroom or living space.

What You Can And Cannot Do When Cleaning Your AC

If you plan on creating an aircon maintenance routine, you should research the best cleaning practices and do your best to follow them. Doing so will ensure that you are eliminating as much grime as possible and are not doing more harm than good to your air-cooling appliance. To help you maintain your AC, here is everything you can and cannot do when cleaning it:

DO: Learn About Your AC And Its Needs

Creating an aircon cleaning routine in Singapore will be easier if you research as many details as possible discussing its needs. Doing so will allow you to learn about its maintenance requirements and see how you can correctly dismount, wash, dust, or wipe your AC components.

DO NOT: Ignore The Signs It Needs More Than Just Cleaning

ACs are not indestructible—they naturally experience issues that may affect their appearance and functionality. If your aircon needs more than cleaning, do not hesitate to call your trusted mechanic or aircon servicing professional to conduct necessary repairs.

DO: Ask An AC Cleaning Expert For Help

Never treat an aircon maintenance activity like a DIY project. If you do not possess enough knowledge and the right tools for cleaning your AC, let an expert who has maintained air conditioning units for years do the job.

DO NOT: Follow Unverified Cleaning Guides

The internet is brimming with aircon condenser cleaning tips posted on various platforms. While it may seem tempting to follow these guides, never try them without seeing if they work and would not put you in danger.

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