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The right table lamp for the student


Parents take care not only of textbooks, notebooks, clothes, but also try to equip their child’s workplace whenever possible, because sometimes you have to spend several hours on homework.


Where does the correct organization of any workplace begin? Of course, with the right lighting. You can’t do without a desk atollo replica lamp for your desk. Before embarking on a free voyage through hypermarkets and online stores, it is worth figuring out which table lamp to buy for your student.

A table lamp for a student should:

  • Fit organically into the overall style concept of the interior;
  • Correspond to the size of the room: do not get lost against the background of bulky furniture and, conversely, do not be too large;
  • Be practical and safe;
  • Be multifunctional.

How to combine all these options in one device for a child’s room?

All types of table lamps for a computer desk, for study and for reading consist of:

  • Foundation that ensures stability;
  • Legs;
  • A plafond that scatters light;
  • Light bulbs;

The foundation of the basics

The base of the classic lamp keeps it upright, so it shouldn’t be lightweight so that the heavier shade doesn’t outweigh it. It should not be glossy, this will create an additional reflective surface, the glare of which will dazzle the eyes. Some modern lamps are equipped with a clothespin instead of a base, which allows you to fix it on the edge of a table or on a shelf.

Another base option is a clamp, a special screw lock that will firmly hold the lamp on the table top. However, lamps with a clothespin and a clamp are often equipped with a short stem, which is not always convenient.

The lamps on the bracket are fundamentally different. They are attached to a vertical surface (column, cabinet panel, wall) without cluttering the work surface.

Always shine, shine everywhere

Perhaps the main component of all table lamps is the light bulb itself, which, in fact, is the source of light. The most economical option is an incandescent lamp. In addition to being cheap, the advantage is that the light does not flicker, it is stable. However, it should be noted that such a lamp consumes a lot of energy and emits a yellowish light.