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Why Did I Not Think Of Getting An Extendable Dining Table Sooner?


Since I was a teen, I enjoyed having people over at my parent’s house. I liked inviting my friends and cousins to play games or choose a movie from the DVD collection on our TV console. I loved serving them snacks we bought from a nearby grocery store. I also cherished the perks of being the person who can open their doors to loved ones seeking comfort and refuge. However, I never expected that owning an extendable dining table could help me maintain the title of the host despite living in a small flat.

A few months ago, I moved into a humble little HDB unit to be closer to my office and feel more independent. Do not get me wrong—I adore my flat despite its meagre size. However, it keeps me from inviting my friends, colleagues, and relatives for dinner or birthday celebrations. I did not have enough space in my apartment to host a party for more than three people until I bought an extendable dining table from Star Living.

A Brief History Of The Extendable Dining Table

The extendable dining table has been around for longer than you think. In 1835, Theodore Alexander Robert Jupe, an English cabinet maker, created a circular table that almost doubled in size after a simple turn. He cut a small table in multiple pizza slice-like shapes and added ‘leaves’ between them to make the furniture bigger.

As time passed, brilliant furniture makers used Jupe’s invention to create extendable dining table variations. You can now find tables with different shapes that can expand and seat a few more people. Some work desks and TV console units in Singapore have also become protractible thanks to the technology that Jupe used for his innovative table.

Having An Extendable Dining Table At Home

I was unaware of the existence of the expandable dining surface until I saw a video of it on the internet. I originally wanted a sintered stone dining table for my humble HDB unit. However, I thought that investing in a table with retractable or collapsible sides would be more practical since I live in a tiny apartment.

Searching for an extendable dining table was as easy as looking for a sofa at an online Singapore furniture store. I found a few virtual shops offering expandable tables with different looks and sizes. Star Living is one of those stores with a quick Google search—and I fell in love with one of their table options due to its minimalist design and economical price.

As soon as my new extendable dining table arrived, I took a photo of it and sent it to my friends. With the help of its user manual, we figured out how to use it. Since then, I began throwing small gatherings at home. I became the host of almost every hangout and party again—as I used to when I was younger.

If you think you can benefit from owning an extendable dining table, I highly recommend you get one at Star Living. Check out their website to browse and choose from their expandable table selection.

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