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5 Most Common Mistakes When Laying Floor Tiles?


Attractive tile designs are what add to the beauty of the house. Not only do they ensure an elegant look, but offer several characteristics that are perfect for using them on floors. One can easily install floor tiles themselves with a bit of research and guidance. The only problem with this is that the process of laying down tiles on the floor comes with minute issues that can lead to bigger problems. So one needs to consider a few facts before actually proceeding. So here a few common mistakes related to floor tiling:

  • Cracked tiles

Any work requires appropriate equipment. Without the right equipment, any task would become time-consuming. Similarly, to install floor tiles, equipment such as a diamond wet saw is extremely important as you could end up breaking the tiles rather than installing them. So working with the right equipment is imperative. 

  • Improper grout

The grout, although is sometimes underrated is actually the most crucial part of the tiling. If the grout is improper, the complete look of an otherwise elegant-looking tile would be ruined and as mentioned above, using the right equipment such as a trowel, and not a drill or paddle, will help you achieve a peanut butter consistency. Thus, the grout is the most important part of the tiling process.

  • Incorrect trowel size

Incorrect size of the trowel can be too risky as it could ruin the whole process and this is one of the most common problems related to floor tiling. To avoid such situations, you need to understand that larger tile requires thicker layers of the thin set under them and you will eventually need a bigger trowel consecutively for making deeper notches.

  • Improper underlayment

Laying tiles just on anything wouldn’t work as the tiles could break. An even and strong surface is necessary. This is another major problem that people face when it comes to tiling floors. Vinyl or wooden floors sometimes need proper underlayment for the tiling process.

  • Insufficient tiles

Lastly, inaccurate measurements are often a nightmare, as this not only can cost you extra labor and money but is extremely time-consuming. This problem occurs mostly with beginners, doing it for the first time. Therefore, accurate measurements of the room are extremely necessary.

Research and experience are two main aspects that prevent such common but risky mistakes related to floor tiling. Thus, one can find appropriate information from Club Ceramic about tiles and tiling floors.

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