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Five Reasons Ceramic Tiles are the Best Option for Bathroom Floors


If you are redesigning your bathroom and wondering how to get started with improving the floors and walls, you should consider ceramic. Ceramic tiles feature a combination of aesthetic and practice benefits. They are the right option for your bathroom for many reasons such as the following:

They Resist Water

When it comes to tiles for bathrooms, water resistance is an important quality because of the wet and humid conditions in this space. Glazed Ceramique au Sommet floor tiles showcase a practical protective layer that prevents the tiles from being damaged by water and stains. You will appreciate this benefit whenever your bathroom floor is wet and steamy after a bath or shower or when cleaning the floors and walls with water and soap. 

They Can Last a Long Time

Ceramic tiles are quite durable and may not crack because of daily wear and tear. When installed by professionals and maintained properly, they can last for up to two decades. This quality alone makes this a famous option as bathroom floor tiles. 

They Required Minimal Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are low-maintenance because they are easy to clean. You can just mop up or wipe away liquids and dirt quickly. Bathrooms are especially prone to spillages and stains, which makes low-maintenance floor tiles an important consideration for busy homeowners who want to maintain the beauty and functionality of their bathrooms.

They are Cost-Effective

Compared to porcelain and other tile materials, ceramic tiles are a cost-effective option that does not compromise practicality and style. Their durability justifies their initial cost and installation cost and because they can increase the resale value of your home, they can give help you get a good return on your investment in them. 

They are Available in a Variety of Options

Ceramic tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, finishes, and colours. You can choose from glossy white, wood-look, encaustic-effect, and metro-brick, making it easy for you to look for bathroom tiles that complement your existing design and colour theme. 

As for sizes, you can choose from 10cm x 10cm tiles to big format 60cm x 60cm options. Thus, whether you want to get dainty mosaic tiles to give more colours to your bathroom or wish to make your bathroom look bigger, you can achieve it with ceramic tiles. In addition, you can opt for ceramic tiles to create a natural look, a distressed look, or big rectangular shapes if you want to make a statement.