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Five Tips to Help you When Planning a Kitchen Renovation


If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you want it to run smoothly by bringing in the experts. You must determine the best layout that works with your fittings, fixtures, and the features you want to add. With the right layout, you will have a functional kitchen that makes you happy. Thus, before you get started, the tips below will you plan a Renovco kitchen renovation project:

Think About your Budget when Considering Major Changes

If you want to save money on your kitchen remodel, you may want to leave the plumbing and sink where they are. Ideally, the dishwasher and sink must be next to each other. You will have a simpler life you can rinse the dishes in the sink and slot them into the dishwasher next door. 

Measure Everything

Because kitchen cabinetry is often expensive, you must measure everything twice. You must order the sink before you or the cabinetry.

The best sink will depend on your kitchen’s overall look and functionality. Double-basin sinks are ideal for family life if you have the budget and space. After having a sink, you can decide where to position it. You will want to place the sink near a window for lots of natural light. Just remember to consider your style and habits. For instance, if you tend to leave the dishes soaking overnight, you may want to have a sink on an island, which makes your kitchen look cluttered.

Consider the Flooring

A lot of homes install their flooring around their appliances. This can cut costs and make it challenging to move things when it is time to repair or replace them. Thus, it is best to install flooring throughout the kitchen’s entirety, but you must ensure correct measurements. Keep in mind that even a millimeter of difference can leave you with appliances that don’t fit.

Install a Stop Tap

A stop tap must be installed beneath your kitchen sink, so you can easily isolate water to the area in case of an emergency. This makes it easier to deal with a leaking dishwasher, bursting flex-hose, and other issues. Ensure to leave the plumbing aspect of your project to the professionals, unless you are an expert plumber yourself. 

Hire Renovation Experts

Renovation experts usually provide full-service remodeling. A reputable design-build firm handles all stages of a remodeling project, from design to construction. You can contact them to know how their expert team can help make your dream kitchen a reality. 

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