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How Can a Laundry Room Remodel Add Value to Your Home?


If you don’t currently have a laundry service Cumberland Heights TN or laundry delivery service dublin oh in your home, or the one you have is very basic with just enough room for your washer and dryer, then you should consider remodeling it! While remodeling your laundry room might not have a huge impact on your home’s resale value, it does make your life run much more efficiently. The value in a remodeled laundry room really comes from how it impacts your everyday life rather than the price tag of your home. Here are some remodel ideas that will turn your laundry room into your new favorite room in your home!

  1. Install cabinetry. Installing cabinetry is one of the easiest ways you can remodel your laundry room and get mobile payment laundry cleaning lincoln ne. Cabinets allow you to hide some of the items you don’t want others to see as much, such as cleaning supplies. Laundry room cabinets are great in homes that need some extra storage space for the items in their laundry room. Go bold with a blue hue, or go simple and traditional with white or brown cabinets.
  2. Add an ironing board. By remodeling the laundry room, you can turn it into a multi-use space. Add an ironing board to the space by attaching it directly to the wall. That way, it keeps floor space open and gives you a space to iron your clothes. For clothes that might have spent a little too much time sitting in the dryer, you can immediately iron them to get out any wrinkles they might have accumulated.
  3. Upgrade your appliances. If you’ve had your washer and dryer set for over 20 years, and they’re looking a little worse for wear – maybe even leaving weird stains on your clothes or constantly needing parts replaced – it’s time to upgrade them to something new. Keeping your appliances upgraded will actually give you a slight bump in your home’s monetary value. Appliances that aren’t too over the top but are still newer will give you an advantage with potential home buyers. In fact, many first-time home buyers actually look for homes that feature new appliances. This gives them greater peace of mind when they fork over their down payment and actually purchase your home. The new appliances are probably still under warranty and have less chance of breaking.

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  1. Add a sink. Mudrooms are typically right off the side of a home – either near the garage or back door. This is usually because of the likelihood that you’ve gotten mud or dirt on you while in the backyard. So why not combine your laundry room with the mudroom? Add a sink with cabinets to serve as the space to hand wash items or rinse off boots and other outdoor tools. Then, have the washer and dryer ready for soccer uniforms, dirty blankets or even swimsuits. Together, the sink and the laundry appliances will turn your laundry room into the perfect washing space.
  2. Put a set of wall hooks by the door. If your laundry room is right by the back door of your home, add a set of wall hooks next to the door. That way, people can hang their coats or dirty towels. You can also use it to hang any cleaning supplies, such as brooms, dusters or mops. It keeps them off the floor and neatly organized for easy access.
  3. Install a drying rack. Putting a wall-in drying rack in your laundry room that pulls down for easy access is an innovative way to maximize the space in your laundry room. When remodeling, consider adding one of these as a way to make your space more efficient. A drying rack that goes over other parts of your laundry room will keep it out of the way. There’s nothing worse than having your drying rack take up most of the space in your laundry room. Having one that easily folds back into the wall or inside of a cabinet will make your life so much easier, hiding your drying rack away until you need it again.

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  1. Install some open shelving. Sometimes, there are items in the laundry room you need to have easy access to. Installing some open shelving along with your RTA cabinets will give you that unique mix of shelving and easy access to certain items you use frequently. If you’re concerned about bottles of detergent and softener being seen, put them in glass spout containers to easily use whenever you need. They’ll look like part of your design, but they won’t lose their function. Put dryer sheets in a decorative container and place detergent tabs in a candy dish for a fun addition to your laundry room design. They’re still practical, but won’t detract from your laundry room design.
  2. Hide your laundry room away. Is your laundry room off the side of the kitchen or in the hallway? If so, you might not have a laundry room door hiding your space away. Consider installing a set of barn doors or even antique French doors from a local shop for a unique way to hide your laundry room. If you live in an apartment or a rental home, you can install a tension rod with a thick, decorative curtain as a way to keep your laundry room hidden. That way, you haven’t drilled any holes into the wall and haven’t broken the bank with purchasing items for your laundry room.
  3. Add a counter for folding. Putting a counter above your washer and dryer will only benefit your laundry room. Use the counter to store supplies, fold freshly laundered clothes, pre-treat stains or sort out items. A laundry room counter will make any laundry you do go much smoother than carting baskets back and forth across the house.
  4. Hide away hampers. Put all the clothes hampers away behind cabinet doors or under the sink. No one needs to see all the dirty laundry your family has, especially if your laundry room is right by the garage or back door. Since people will be walking by, hiding the items will go a long way to ensuring your laundry room stays fresh and clean. Plus, it’ll help reduce the smell!