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How to Fix a Lower Water Pressure?


In some cases, you can quickly tell if you’re taking care of low shower water pressure, yet at various other times, you might want to do a quick check to validate. In this instance, all you’ll need is a gauging jug. Simply comply with the infographic above, and take your measuring container, preferably 1/2 liters in size, transform the shower on full blast. Afterward, the length of time it requires to fill one liter of water in the container. If it takes longer than six seconds, you’re possibly taking care of low water pressure.

Here are a few basic methods to try as well as fix it yourself, without needing to call a plumbing.

  • Tidy your shower head

We’re putting this initially since sometimes the most basic solution is the one we neglect. It’s absolutely typical for showerheads to get clogged by mineral deposits, as well as other gunk, so if you have not cleaned your own ever before, or in a while, begin doing that.

  • Inspect your shower head and also its setups

An additional feasible reason for low stress has a water-saving showerhead. This may hold true if you have just moved right into a new place and notice that the pressure is low instantly. If that holds true, the previous lessee might have set up a water-saving showerhead to minimize the circulation as well as save water. Though better for the environment, it could not be getting all the suds out of your hair.

  • Examine the main water shutoff

If you have attempted both of the prospective services above, as well as are still having problems, you may need to check your water pipe valve, which controls the quantity of water the circulations to each of the fixtures in your home. It may end up partially shut, which can impact the water pressure in your shower. There are two primary valves you’re going to intend to inspect.

  • Main Valve: The pipe to your residence for water will be found near the water meter. You are going to see two shutoffs; turn them counterclockwise for opening them completely.
  • Shower shutoff: This will most likely be situated in your house’s cellar, crawl room, or in an accessibility panel behind your shower. To open it, turn the valve counterclockwise.

If you still don’t find any improvement in your water pressure, please visit the link pipe repairs