Real Estate Buyer: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid


    You have finally found the property of your dreams. Watch out for the crush! Before embarking on the signing of the sales contract, here are 7 traps to avoid, to be read by any real estate buyer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    Real estate buyers: 7 pitfalls to avoid  

    1- The fair purchase price

    If the price is too low it is fishy, ​​there is eel under the rock! Find out about the real estate selling price in the area of ​​the property, better on the street. It is essential to consult and compare real estate offers which are similar in terms of surface area and quality of services. This research allows you to have an objective approach to the real estate market and to pay the right price.

    2- Visit the property several times

    A well visited at 10 in the morning may not be as pleasant at 8 in the evening! Before buying, it is advisable to visit the house or apartment several times at different times of the day. If the real estate agency or the owner offers resistance because it takes time, it is necessary to insist because it is a crucial point to buy a property well. Indeed, the judgment may be different on the environment, the neighbourhood, the presence of noisy neighbours.

    3- Request work invoices or quotes

    In addition to the purchase price, the poor condition of the roof, the dilapidated cellars, cracks in the walls can lead to substantial work such as renovation of the building or intervention of the roofer. The property diagnoses already bring you lots of information about the condition of the property but it is not always enough. If you have any doubts, you can bring in a building professional, a plumber, a roofer or even an architect.

    4- What relationships in co-ownership?

    If your purchase concerns a condominium, find out about the relationship between the co-owners and the condominium manager. The maintenance book and the condominium regulations provide important information. Indeed, degraded relationships, disputes over charges or bad payers are negative points that are very difficult to manage, especially now that a work fund is mandatory.

    5- Ask the neighbourhood questions

    Once the property has been visited, come back to the street several times and ask people in the neighbourhood or the residence if there is noise pollution, quarrels between neighbours, dirt problems. The property can be perfect but if the neighbourhood is noisy it can quickly become hell.

    6- In a risk area?

    It is advisable to check whether the property is located in an area covered by a natural risk prevention plan, a technological risk prevention plan or in a flood or seismic area. The notary must provide you with an ERNMT diagnosis – State of Natural, Mining and Technological Risks – dated less than 6 months.

    8- Focus on practical aspects

    It is always interesting to have local shops. If you have children, prefer areas that offer easy access to schools, sports activities, libraries, transport … If the practical aspect is absent, family life will not be easier on a daily basis.

    The Commodore is nestled in the District 27 of Canberra Drive neighbouring other famous complexes like the Nautical and the Watergardens. Sembawang National park, Singapore’s main shopping belt, and MRT station are located at walking distance to the residential complex. Nearby parks of the Commodore at Canberra are:

    • Yishun Park
    • Canberra Park
    • Sembawang Hot Spring park

    About the Commodore

    The Commodore residential complex is a multi-storey building with 2 level car parking for its future residents. The common areas include swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, tennis court, pavilion, lift, fitness studio, polyclinic and indoor sports hall etc.

    The luxurious condominiums of the Commodore offer easy accessibility and transportation services to the city centre. The nearest MRT station is just 5 minutes away from the condos. Canberra Drive connects to Yishun Avenue 2 which then join to Seletar Expressway. Multiple bus stops are scattered throughout the area, some of them are: Yio Chu Kang, Admiralty, Ang Mo Kio, Yishun and Woodlands.


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