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Reasons To Install New Electrical Socket In Your Home


Did you know that electrical failure is a factor in more than 13% of house fires? That makes electrical problems the second most common reason for house fires. Bedrooms, ceilings, kitchens, and other concealed areas often start fires due to faulty electrical sockets.

 A universal socket is your best bet if you need to replace it. Here are some solid arguments in favour of replacing your electrical sockets immediately.

Indicators That It’s Time To Replace Your Wall Plugs

Turning on a light, opening a refrigerator, or switching on the television can all seem like routine tasks. Your home’s electrical sockets need to be in top shape to ensure a constant flow of electricity. If any of these vital parts are damaged, it could cause havoc at home. Taking these things seriously while upgrading your home’s socket.

To Avert The Risk Of Electric Fires

On average, the temperature of an electric arc can reach 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood-studded walls and other combustibles would burn to the ground in seconds if exposed to such temperatures. The risk of fires can be reduced by replacing old, broken electrical sockets. Discolouration, scorching, or smoke from electrical sockets are all signs that it’s time to call in the pros.

Replace Worn-Out Sockets

Electrical sockets age just like any other part of an electrical system. These sockets are easily damaged due to heavy use, which can result in connection failure. In most cases of socket wear, heat will build up over time, which could lead to a fire.

In homes with young children, cracked socket plates present an additional danger. While dust may collect in such crevices, electrocution is a more serious risk.

For Upgrade Purposes

Even if your older electrical sockets still function properly, consider upgrading to newer models. As technology advances, the utility of older models of electrical sockets may decline.

The arrival of newer, more complex appliances also necessitates the installation of higher-capacity electrical sockets. The number of advanced power sockets available at Legrand & Legrand Eshop is impressive.

The Socket Is Not Working

When electrical sockets stop working, there may be a more fundamental issue. An expert’s thorough inspection of the damage and subsequent recommendation to replace the parts is often the only hope for moving forward.

If The Electrical Sockets Have Burn Marks

This is the biggest sign that your wall sockets need to be updated. If there are burn marks on the electrical sockets, it could be because a part is melting. This suggests the possibility of electrical shorts occurring in the system.

You run the risk of expensive repairs if the socket is directly connected to electronics like televisions or refrigerators.


When under control, electricity is an excellent servant but a terrifying master. The little things, like sloppy connections between components, can add up to huge costs in the long run. The international sockets from Legrand & Legrand Eshop are a great option to give your home a unique touch.