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Tulum, Mexico: A Million-Dollar Tropical Farm For Landowners


The imperishability and a consistent ROI, real estate investment is a thing for the rich people in increasing their revenues. It is also a good way in multiplying your wealth while hiding it away from the government’s taxes through investments. Real estate investment is truly rewarding if and only if you make the right choice. As a rule of thumb, a prudent real estate investor does intensive research about the property before sealing the deal. In this way, you will know the loopholes in the property’s documents.

7 Criteria in Purchasing the Right Rental Property

Below is a list of features that you should consider in buying the right rental property.

  1. Decent Neighborhood

“A good neighbor increases the value of your property.”

-Czech Proverb

Knowing the neighborhood of your future rental property will help you in identifying your market niche, prepare your marketing strategy to attract potential tenants, and devise a contingency plan if the market does not go well. Hence, it will create a sturdy business plan.

  1. Reasonable Property Taxes

“A property tax is a heinous tax.”

-Ron Ruff

For a rental property owner, the saying above holds true because high taxes can cut a huge sum of your profit aside from the maintenance and bills that are needed to make your property fully functional to your clients.

  1. Low Crime Rate

“The crime rate will indirectly reduce the quality of economic growth.”

-Hendra Kusuma, Happy Febrina Hariyani, and Wahyu Hidayat

A high crime rate can scare off your future clients, consequently, hurting your business badly. Hence, it is important to check this feature.

  1. A Competitive Job Market

“Hiring the best is your most important task.”

-Steve Jobs

To ensure that your rental business will give you a sufficient ROI to pay the bills even in low seasons, hiring the right people to manage it will reduce your stress and will not put your business in jeopardy in which the losses are harder to recover.

  1. List Down the Amenities

“The value of amenities like restaurants is important to a community’s economic development.”

-John Livengood

Visitors and tenants have one thing in common—they look for amenities that would meet their needs. So, a neighborhood with a complete basic facility along with special features will create potential patrons. If you are planning an intra-family transfer, one of the most important things to consider is how much tax liability do you want to incur.

  1. Future Development Equals to Revenue

“My definition of economic development is economic growth.”

-Mark Noble

If the area surrounding your rental property has a lot of ongoing building projects, there is probably economic growth which will be advantageous for your business’s future.

  1. Point out the Potential Natural Hazards

“Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.”

-Max Mayfield

Identifying the potential natural hazards within the business premise could save you a lot of time and money from preparation, prevention, and recuperation.

Tulum Real Estate: The Rising Financial Hub of Riviera Maya

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