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What are industrial continuous fryers?


Industrial continuous fryers are frying devices used in the food industry for continuous frying of different food products. These fryers not only make the frying process simple but also enhance the taste of food products.

In an industrial continuous fryer, the foodstuff is first placed on a feed conveyor belt. This conveyor belt drops the product into large tanks filled with oil. Here the frying process takes place. Then the deoiling process takes place in which the food and oil are separated. Next, different kinds of seasoning are added to enhance its taste. Lastly, the food products are cooled down and sent for packaging.

This is the whole process of how an industrial continuous fryer works. These fryers became much popular nowadays due to their efficiency.

Different types of Industrial continuous fryers

Industrial continuous fryers can be divided into 2 types based on their usage.

  • Food-based Industrial continuous fryers: We eat a lot of fried food made of different food items. Industrial continuous fryers are of different types based on the food item we cook. A potato chip fryer is used to make potato chips. Corn products fryer is used to make tortillas and corn chips and tostadas. Breaded products fryer is used to fry chicken, shrimp, meatballs, egg rolls, and coated vegetables. In this way pellet pepper, nuts, french fries, and banana chips have different industrial continuous fryers to fry them. These kinds of fryers are suitable for food industries that make only one type of food product.
  • Automatic industrial continuous fryers: These kinds of fryers come with new heating technology that is suitable to fry different kinds of food products. This fryer is effective to fry all forms of food products like shaped and irregular. These fryers are a little bit costly due to their versatility. These are suitable for the food industries which cook different kinds of food items.

Benefits of Industrial continuous fryers

  • High efficiency: Industrial continuous fryers contain a high heat recovery rate which does not waste energy excessively. It also contains a high heat exchange range which can exchange and heat products effectively. It can cook large quantities of food products in less time. It also increases the color, taste, and texture of food products, thereby creating high sale rates in the market.
  • High standard features: Present industrial continuous fryers contain high thermal protection in them which maintains the temperature of the equipment while cooking. It also contains Teflon grills to create a non sticky surface while frying. These devices are extremely difficult to clean and take 2 to 3 hours. Some of these devices also contain an automatic cleaning system in it which can reduce time, manual labor in cleaning them.
  • Protection system: Industrial continuous fryers contain several alarms which give signals when something goes wrong. They also contain emergency stop buttons which can save all from dangerous situations.

Industrial continuous fryers are a big help for the overall development of the food industry.

All these benefits are the reasons why many food industries started using Continuous fryers nowadays.